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News of the Epeios Project:
  • 27/05/2000: Librairies are now thread safe. Multitasking libraries are now based on threads instead of process.
  • 07/04/2000: New version of the WEB frontend from the TmCdeCGI software.
  • 28/03/2000: Fixing some bugs.
  • 08/03/2000: Simplifying of the data types used to access memory objects. Standardization of the browsing from item (of a table, a list, a queue, ...).
  • ...
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All software and libraries available on this site are, without exceptions, placed under GNU General Public License.

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The reveal software

The mll2html software

The TmCde software

This site is the Web site of the Epeios Project. You can find her, inter alia, the latest version of the various libraries and software from the Epeios project. All the details concerning the Epeios Project will be placed later on this site ; this is one of its goals.
The source files from the Epeios project are portable under Windows (95 and greater), with compiler BC++ V5.5 and under GNU/Linux with compiler GNU GCC V2.95.2. Both compiler are available for free.
The Makefiles which are available to build the piece of software are for both compiler. But, to use them, you have to define 2 enviroment variable.
The first one name is ESRC and must have for value the location of the Epeios libraries sources (both .h and .cpp), without the ending / or \.
The name of the second one is ECPL and must be set to bcc if you use the BC++ compiler and gcc if you use the GNU GCC compiler.
The makefiles are designed for the GNU make. A DOS version of the GNU make software can be found here.
If  you have questions about the librairies or software, you can send me a mail at

Most of the librairies are written using only the C++ standard libraries, so they can, theoritically, be used on all OSes with a C++ compiler. Some compilers have header files with the same name as header files from the Epeios libraries. It is then necessary to put, in the list of include directories, the directory of the header files from the Epeios libraries BEFORE the directory of the header files from the compiler.

Many other libraries as those available here exist; they will be made available on this site progressively along with their anglicization. New ones would be also available
To learn more about the Epeios project, go to (in french). The name of the libraries quoted in this document are differrent from the name of those on this site because it is the name they have before anglicization.

A few words about this site and its author.
This site run on GNU/Linux and uses Apache as HTTP server.This pages are updates with software especially conceived for this and based, of course, on the Epeios libraries.
My name is Claude SIMON, I live near Strasbourg (France, Alsace) and  I manage, in addition to the Epeios project, this site and also the computer which hosted it.

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