The Epeios project
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Epeios software homepage.

You will find here some Epeios software, based on Epeios libraries. Go to the Epeios project homepage for more about this libraries.

Under UNIX (at least under GNU/Linux ), you obtain the binary of the software by decompressing the given source files and launching make .

As part of the Epeios project, all the software work under Windows too. You have to compile it, but, because Windows compiler don't all work the same way, as far as I know, there is no standard procedure to doing that.

The Makefile s are designed for GNU Make (check here for miscelleanous port). To work, the enviroment variable EPEIOS_OS , must be set to linux under GNU/Linux and windows under Windows.

Under GNU/Linux, the software were tested with GNU GCC V3.2. Under Windows, BC++ can be used, but, due the limitation of the length of a command line under some Windows version, some Makefile don't work properly on linking. Both compiler are available for free.

The packages found under the download section of each software didn't contain the software version in its name as usual, but the date of its release. This is due to the particular way the Epeios software are made.

The main source of an Epeios software is mostly contituted with calls to libraries. This libraries are the core of the software, but they are generally used by more that one software, and it doesn't take sens to modify the version number of each software which use a given library when this library change.

The main source of two releases of a software can so have the same version number, but are different because the libraries which are used changed. This is why the --version command of a software displays both main source version and version of the libraries.

  • mll2html : GNU program, written for the FSF, which which reformats a pure ASCII mailinglists file to a HTML formated mailinglists file.
  • reveal : replaces tags in a file by text or file content.
  • getbkdapi : software to generate the API of an Epeios backend.

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